The best of wellness in Asia

The Well Healed is a community founded by Tanya and Andrea, sharing their tried and tested recommendations for the best in wellness.

From Singapore to Bali, and Hong Kong to Tokyo, we find and recommend the absolute best in wellness. We scout out and test top notch nutritionists and spiritual healers, the latest in biohacking, organic cafes, yoga studios, transformative retreat centres and get up close and personal with trusted professionals in their fields to bring you the inside scoop.Check out our articles and guides online as you navigate our favourite cities in Asia.


We only highlight brands, businesses and individuals we love, and our community loves too. We're on the hunt for the top 100 Wellness experiences in Asia, drop us a line if you have faves that deserve a spot on the list! 

Feeling like you need to recharge and connect with like minded souls? Look out for The  Spiritual  Speakeasy series. Our retreats and workshops are intimate gatherings led by resident experts that provide you with practical how-tos so you can hack wellbeing and thrive. 

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