Editorial Policy

The Well Healed is a blog and trusted resource about the best in wellness in Asia. We are not an advertorial, and we provide honest recommendations and opinions on everything we try.  Our readers trust is very important to us, and we aim to provide curated, great content with honest opinions and advice.

The information shared on our blog is purely editorial.  The editors of The Well Healed try, list and recommend places, experts and products we simply love, that we believe our wellness readers would be interested in and may benefit from.   Companies cannot pay The Welll Healed to simply endorse or recommend them, and this we believe keeps our content authentic.

On occasion, The Well Healed editors or contributors may receive a preferential editorial rate or a free experience when we review a business.  It will only be included as a part of our coverage if we think it is worthy of our readers.  In no way does it impact which businesses we decide to cover, and we never recommend sub-par businesses or products.

We also, on occasion, use selective affiliate links, which means The Well Healed may earn a commission from the site linked to if you make a purchase via the link. We only use an affiliate link on items we love, and would include regardless.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

On occasion we partner with like-minded brands for content, products, and events, to improve our members’ experience.   Please note that we will only allow brands that we like and trust to partner with us, and the content will always be our own .  The Well Healed may accept products or discounted perks for our members, simply to improve our member’s wellness journey.   Paid or sponsored links—distinguished from affiliate links because an advertiser has paid, in advance, for the consideration—which are embedded in our editorial content will always be clearly identified as such.