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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The Nordics are renowned for their sleek, minimalist designs and their skincare is no different – simplicity and effective botanicals is the name of the game here. No nasties, no parabens, no animal testing, no artificial fragrances just pure ingredients and sustainable packaging. Your skin is happiest when you combine consciously crafted, gentle products with a clean diet and lots of sleep. Read on for our picks of the best of Scandi beauty prods.


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Knowing that a standard morning skincare routing could contain up to 200 chemicals, Pernilla Rönnberg founded the brand in the hope that her young daughters would have access to safe skincare. Today the brand encompasses products for the face and body as well as dedicated lines for makeup and babies. To supercharge your anti-aging regime, try the “magic duo”- the BioDefense Multi Action Youth Serum and the Multi-Nutrient Youth Oil. Best of all, the line is available at Sephora.



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Rooted in science, Verso is a relatively new line that was developed in 2013, using a proprietary Vitamin A complex, Retinol 8. With science as a starting point, the brand’s founder Lars Fredriksson worked with scientists at the renowned Karolinska hospital in Stockholm to test Retinol 8, a version of retinol that is eight times as effective and half as irritating as traditional Retinol to boosting collagen production. With a low ingredient count, the range is gentle enough to use everyday. The Dark Spot Treatment is ideal for those of us who have spent too much time in the sun, whilst the Day Cream with Spf 15 is perfect for all skintypes.



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Swedish skincare guru Maria Åkerberg´s eponymous line of organic products are made by Dermanord in Sweden, using only organic vegetable oils. A chemist by training, Maria’s production company Dermanord manufactures the line with complete transparency, focusing on local ingredients and sustainable packaging. The concept is based on aromatherapy and phytotherapy, and best of all the pricing is friendly. Check out the online Skin Test to best determine which products are best for you.



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The Swedes have a special relationship with the sea, and this line is developed in the coastal town of Valberg, each and every product made by hand. Create a spa-like experience at home with their signature Bath Salts, made with petals from marigold, rose and lavender, creating a beautiful and colorful floral bouquet in the salts. The natural, unbleached sea salts are infused with essential oils of marigold, orange and geranium. With a delicate fragrance, just a handful of this salt will provide a soothing, softening "kurbad" (spa treatment) in your home.



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The deceptively simple, sleek packaging belies the research and work that it takes to produce this line. NUORI is founded on the principal of freshness without preservatives. Blended in small batches every 12 weeks at their facilities in Denmark, the products are packaged and delivered directly stores and retail partners across the world. Their natural formulations are extremely pure and will remain potent and stable for six months after blending. The industry standard claims that most products are good for two years, but even with artificial preservatives, most creams with active ingredients are rendered useless after just a few months. Try the Supreme-C serum treatment to brighten your skin, just remember to use it diligently and check the expiry date.


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