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After a year of experimenting with four to seven inch heels, my hamstrings decided enough was enough. Lower back pain, and tight hamstrings started to flare, and an osteopath as well as my Chinese Medicine specialist said the likely culprit was, you guessed it, my Jimmy Choos. The ultimatum: Give up heels, or look to counteract the stress by some serious stretching or yoga.

We must admit, it was the name that drew us in. Kate Porter’s Yoga for Inflexible People class and its perfect timing on Saturday afternoons got us to put on our yoga gear and leave our soy latte’s for the East Coast refuge of Kate Porter.

Coined ‘Yoga for Inflexible People’, this off-the-beaten track yoga studio offers a calm space to chill on Saturday afternoon, with the class completely full, and a good mix of both men and women.

The 90 minute class is similar to a Yin Yoga class where students hold each relaxing pose for five minutes, taught under the nurturing guidance of Kate Porter herself. I found a spot on a mat, but was initially a bit worried as there was no air conditioning - I'm one of those that's guiltyof living most of my life in aiircon. But I soon realized the powerful fans in the studio more than compensated. The class kicked off with a drop of soothing lavender essential oil being placed on each student’s wrist, which immediately took me away from those whatsapp messages I needed to answer.

The name ‘Yoga for inflexible people’ was the perfect, and did what the name claimed to do, there was plenty of gentle stretching of both hips and hamstrings. Cold towels and a lovely chilled tea was served at the end of class, we will be back on another lazy Saturday afternoon.


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