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Although Gwyneth Paltrow, actress, cookbook author and proponent of the yumy mummy lifestyle has been a polarizing figure with the recent controversies of the wellness summit at goop, here at The Well Healed we have a bit of a crush on this glowy gal. But how realistic is the organic, healthy lifestyle that Gwynnie proposes in her cookbook, It’s All Good, if you are based in Asia?

With the cost of organic food sky high here in Singapore, with many of us pining for the prices at Wholefoods in the States or in London, we called upon amazing women in two cities (Boston and Singapore) to a challenge:

Shop like Gwyneth.

Stock your kitchen with all of her recommended pantry ingredients, sourcing organic wherever possible. The cost? Well it may shock you. Unless you have just received a bonus, the initial investment of a healthy kitchen is definitely out of the reach of many.

The initial investment includes the much-needed Vitamix wonder machine and blender extraordinaire. Here is the tally in the two cities:

Boston: $1,150 US (approximately 1,458 SG)

Singapore: $2,400 SG (approximately $1,892 USD)

Even after the initial investment of a Vitamix, we are looking at a $1,300 SG grocery shop spend, not something to blink at. After the initial shock, the Well Healed Girls realized a pantry transformation is most likely a gradual process for most, rather than a complete weed and seed.

Our tips:

Invest in great kitchen equipment. We love the Vitamix here and can’t imagine life wihtout it. Buying from the states and shipping it here may seem like a cheaper option, however the voltage is different and having a converter can be cumbersome. Balanced Living carries the fabulous 5200 model of the Vitamix, so if you are keen, look at setting aside some savings, or when you are feeling flush, invest in the best.

Buy fresh and organic through online shops We love the farm boxes from Supernature and The Organic Grocer. Get your organic and hormone free meats from these shops, delivered to your doorstep (often free with a minimum spend). If you are looking for just greens, Green Circle, with organic produce grown in Singapore, offers a small but curated collection. OpenTaste offers organic fruit and veg at cutthroat prices, but selection was not as varied as the more established shops (and the avocados were the sizes of grapes!). Our current go-to is Little Farms, they offer grass-fed beef and hormone-free chicken, and a good selection of organic fruit and veg at their bricks and mortar shop on River Valley Road, as well as online.

Buy dried goods via the States: iHerb, the online wonder shop, delivered our dry goods within 3 days, and for only SG $4 a shipment via SingPost (that’s less than two hours parking at Tanglin Mall) The prices range from 20-50% cheaper than organic shops in Singapore and we are hooked.

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