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Living in Singapore, we have access to some of the tastiest, most wallet-friendly foods in the world. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t salivate at the thought of a big plate of steaming chicken rice, or a plate of char kway teo. But these foods are not only bad for your waistline, they’re also usually packed full of MSG, bad vegetable oils and cheap quality cuts of meat. Bad.

So what are you options?

Thunder Tea Rice

Photo Credit: Food Republic

This is my go-to at Lau Pau Sat or Food Republic. A veggie dish of rice with a mixture of accompaniments, it’s called Thunder Tea Rice because of the bowl of tea which you are meant to pour of the rice. Made from green tea, basil, mint, Chinese medicinal herbs and a mixture of ground nuts, seeds and legumes, these are all ground up into a powder for the tea. Known as Lei Cha, this savoury brew is added into your rice. The other ingredients are pickled radishes, long beans, peanuts, dried shrimps and fried tofu. As far as clean eating in a hawker stall goes, this is as good as it gets.


Photo Credit: Sen

I used to find porridge extremely boring, but after working with an Ayurvedic chef who loves it for its easy digestion, I’ve come to think of it as a medicinal dish that does my body good. Choose steamed fish or chicken and veggies to accompany, and savour slowly. Try Zhen Zhen Porridge in Maxwell.

Sliced Fish Soup

Photo Credit: Encik Tan

Another mild, digestion-friendly option. You’ll usually find slices of white fish, lettuce or bitter gourd, tomatoes and tofu in the soup. Opt for less carbs by having the soup without rice or noodles, and if you want to further reduce your calorie count order the clear broth version, rather than the one with evaporated milk.

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