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WeBarre Fundamentals with Annabel at Webarre

With her bubbly personality and thoughtfully choreographed classes, Annabel had us hooked on barre. WeBarre's unique workout brings together the best of ballet technique, yoga, pilates & strength training in one dynamic 60-minute class. Build strength and sculpt your body through graceful but impactful movement, fuelled by uplifting music and in the company of like-minded barre enthusiasts. With a background as a professional musician (flute & piano!) and training in Pilates, HIIT & yoga, Annabel's sound tracks are the bomb. The Fundamentals class is perfect for beginners who want a taste of barre and the opportunity to learn the signature moves at a slower pace. The class will focus on technique and form in a more intimate setting so you will have plenty of guidance in anything you're unsure of. But don’t be fooled, it's still a dynamic workout that's guaranteed to give you that burn and make you sweat! Great for anyone who is postnatal too. Barre. Burn. Repeat.


Jivamukti with Kristin at Pure Yoga

Photo Credit: Pure Yoga

We first tried Jivamukti at health retreat The Farm at San Benito in The Philippines back in 2011. A powerful vinyasa based class, this practice is as physical as its is spiritual and intellectual, combining chanting, asanas, pranayama, music, meditation, and devotional study through simple scriptural readings. Having completed over 800 hours of training in Jivakukti Kristin brings heart and soul to this holistic practice.


Private Pilates Classes with Lisa Low

Photo Credit: Sagehouse

I was fortunate enough to chance upon Lisa's teachings at a free introductory Reformer Pilates session at the now closed Moving Body centre on Amoy Street. She is hands down one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable teachers I've ever come across. Not only does she have a medical-level understanding of human anatomy, she is also a yoga teacher and marries her knowledge of both crafts to work on tailored movement therapy for each of her students. Her one-on-one Pilates Reformer classes left me feeling stronger, taller and helped my poor posture and chronic tech-neck pains.

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