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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

It's more important now than ever to maintain the connection between mind and body to ensure we are taking care of ourselves. It's also the time to support our local fitness and meditation teachers; many of whom aren't able to teach their regular in-person practices. I've seen a slew of classes, talks and groups emerge online; both recorded and live, and it's been so comforting to not only continue my self care rituals, but even try some new practices and establish some good routines.


Photo Credit: Dani Van de Velde

The 'Divine Dani' as I like to call her, is my absolute rock when it comes to spiritual guidance and a group session with her and my gal pals never fails to lift my spirits. I've been really missing the sense of community and in-person interaction, but Covid-19 has coincided with her website relaunch and a surge of new online teachings. Silver linings! As an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner in many different modalities, you can email her to find out about the suite of offerings. Recently there was an effective EFT instruction and guided practice focused on taking the edge off fear, anxiety and uncertainty. A great addition to your toolkit to help with those wobbly moments.




Photo Credit: Sarah B Yoga

Sarah's caring and anatomically precise teachings are a godsend for yogis looking for soulful and alignment based teachings, and whilst I don't get to practice with her as often as I'd like (she mainly teaches in Bukit Timah in Singapore), she's now made select classes available on Youtube. With different themes in place like shoulder opening, or grounding but strong hatha sessions, it's great to flow through breath and posture with a familiar face.


Sarah B Youtube Channel

Sarah B Facebook


Photo Credit: The Sunny Suttons

I've long been a fan of breathwork that merges with movement, to combine the inner and physical momentum that builds within. Michael's 3:30 pm half hour Instagram Live sessions are perfect for beating that mid-afternoon WFH slump, and you don't need anything for it - just a comfortable mat on the floor. (There's also a 7 am class but erm.. I haven't managed to get up for it yet!) It's very invigorating yet calming at the same time, and you and you can hear his wooden wind chimes in the room, a nice little soothing touch. His wife Aisah is also offering regular yoga classes, check their IG for the schedule and more info.

TheSunnySuttons IG


Photo Credit: PURE Yoga

The founding teacher of PURE Yoga, Patrick is one of those magnetic teachers that students flock to. He's also the kind of adjustments and aha moments - I remember a class in PURE Hong Kong about 10 years ago, when Patrick made me stay after class to practice micro-adjustments to my forward fold, which resulted in macro results! From then on, i was hooked. A teacher's teacher, his classes are always packed, and you can now head to his Insta to check out Live teachings, which are saved under Stories for 24 hours.

Patrick Creelman IG


Photo Credit: Claudia Whitney

Another PURE Yoga Hong Kong fave, the effervescent Claudia is renowned for her creative flow sequencing and just being a generally amazing human being. Now based in California, this beauty is also a transformational life coach and has a thriving coaching community and online support circle for women. I love her Women's Soul Empowerment private group on Facebook, which is full of positive vibes and actionable insights. Check out her home yoga schedule for classes by donation.


Claudia Whitney Facebook


With a suite of hands-on activities that marry creativity with spiritual practices, Lexie's Soul Alchemy offers live Zoom events with all the materials you need, delivered straight to your door. From candle making to floral mandala designs and aura spray workshops, every element of the workshops are beautifully thought-through, and start with a group meditation ti set intentions and 'get into the zone.' Sign up for the fun and soul-soothing activities by following her on IG, where you'll also find her collaborative Live talks with sound healer Christina Michele Rios.


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