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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Whilst stepping outside or onto the balcony for 5 minutes is all it takes to get your sweat on in Sauna-pore (Singapore) we are missing our regular sessions of infrared sauna therapy at Pure Wellness in Singapore and The Skin Gym in Hong Kong. The beautiful heat from infrared feels much more natural than a regular sauna as it mimics the suns rays, and penetrates the skin more deeply, but at a lower and more comfortable temperature. I am absolutely addicted to my weekly sweat sesh and have been looking into at-home options, here are some ideas so you can still enjoy the therapeutic benefits at home.

infrared blanket


The cult infrared sauna center in NYC, Higher Dose, not only has sessions you can book at their centre, they also sell an infrared blanket that is typically on waitlist. We haven't tried it yet, but have heard the hype is real, plus it looks like the ultimate cosy way to spend an evening relaxing before bed.

$499 USD



The Joov, a whole body light therapy device that comes in red light and infrared versions, has been touted as one of the key arsenals in a Bodyhacker's toolkit by both Ben Greenfield and Dave Asprey. I bought the travel version of the JOOVV called the JOOVV GO which fits into any laptop case, and have used it religiously. It holds its charge for several days and has a convenient timer that turns off the device after the recommended light therapy period ends. It can be used for muscle recovery after sports, as well as detoxification. The red light therapy version addresses skin conditions too, and in biohacking circles some do purport that the therapy helps in the, ahem sexual stamina department.

Joovv Go: $499



Therasage is more of an infrared tent, and was catapulted into the detox hall of fame by Elle Macpherson, who listed the product as a part of her top 5 wellness secrets. Elle uses the Therasage 360, which includes tourmaline stones for additional negative ions, as a part of her wellness routine.



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