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The 5 Best Sleep Meditations on Insight Timer

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

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I'm a huge fan of Insight Timer, a free app that provides access to thousands of meditations from teachers around the world. You can choose from any number of styles and lengths of meditation and it's been a true blessing for the years I've been using it. With thousands of different options from sleep music to yoga nidra, guided visualisations and affirmations, it can be tough to figure out what to pick when you want to hit the land of nod. Here are my top 5 go-to best meditations for sleep and restless minds.


Yoga Nidra for Sleep

One of the most highly rated sleep meditations on Insight Timer, Jennifer Piercy's dreamy, calming voice begins by taking you through a Sankalpa, an intention setting exercise, inviting you to open your senses and feel into your body and mind. The beautifully paced meditation then moves into breathwork and a guided body scan, with the perfect balance of guidance and silence. From her poetic words to the gentle cadence, her meditations have had over 16 million plays, offering solace to many a sleepless night.


Healing Dream by Glenda Cedarleaf

Glenda has been a heart-centered Hypnotherapist for over 20 years, and her collection of bedtime stories and meditations are a lifeline for my monkey mind. Whether I'm looking to tune out to a narrated sleep story or follow affirmations on breathing and letting go, she always puts me at ease. Whilst all of her meditations are on my rotation, when I'm feeling anxious and really struggling to get to sleep I return to Healing Dream, a 40 minute deeply kinesthetic journey of release and reconnection with other-worldly music and comforting guidance from Glenda, who I've come to think of as a fairy godmother like figure!


Pain Relief Meditation by Michael Mackintosh

Sometimes we can't sleep because we are in physical pain and discomfort. When I have a throbbing headache or migraine, I turn to this meditation as it uses binaural beats which are sound frequencies that affect the right and left sides of the brain to alleviate tension. Michael's repetitive voice lulls me into a trance-like state so that my mind and body can surrender to sleep. When using meditations with binaural beats, it's essential that you use headphones in order for this to be effective as each ear needs to receive a different frequency.


Two hours of Tranquillity by Chris Collins

Composer Chris Collins offers up original tracks perfect for winding down at the end of the day. I like to play this about an hour before bed to signal that it's time to put the electronics away and pick up my journal, a book or crossword puzzle or do some soft, deep breathing exercises. It's also divine to drift away to once your head actually hits the pillow as it's so soothing - some music can be too stimulating or distracting but this hits the chill spot for me.

There are some excellent teachers in Singapore that offer fantastic session live and virtual meditations. It can be helpful that can guide you through the basics or help get you back on the wagon if you've dropped off and want a little refresher. Get a dose of zen mindfulness through structured meditation courses, private classes or fortnightly Monday drop-in classes with teacher Dani Van de Velde or tune into themed sessions with ex-monk Toby Ouvry.

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