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Updated: May 1, 2020

With most of the world either in lockdown or practicing social distancing, we've had to adjust our fitness regimes. Whilst we really miss the energy of a live in-person class, we've been really enjoying a number of great apps that allow us to stay fit, from home-grown brands like Fitsphere to LA giants like Alo Moves.


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photo credit: fit sphere by Liv Lo

We are at day 9 of the FitSphere 21 Day Challenge, and loving it. Created by the lovely yogini & wellness guru Liv Lo-Golding (wife of Henry Golding, the actor), who was a regular instructor at Yoga Movement at Robertson Quay in Singapore, Liv's programmes feature her FitSphere Balls. These are weights which you can order online (free delivery globally for orders above $90) and really amp up the workout. We would recommend the 2 pound balls - they make each of the poses more intense and also make a great prop for trigger point therapy during cool down. The classes range from 10 minutes upwards, and are a mix of yoga, core and strength training, with a focus on lengthening and strength. Programmes start from US $20 per year.



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photo credit: Asana Rebel

Originally founded in Berlin, Asana Rebel doesn't disappoint. We used the Asana Rebel App for the greater part of 2019, and love the catchy intro music, the variety of workouts, ranging from Barre, Yoga to core conditioning, and the industrial feel of the spaces that the instructors work out of. The app also has meditation as well as great music and has recently moved into nutrition too. New users can try the two week complimentary trial, and their premium service is $59 USD per year.



Photo credit: Alo Moves

No trip to LA would be complete without a pitstop to Alo Yoga, one of the best in terms of athleisure & yoga wear in Los Angeles. Alo Moves is the fitness and yoga app for Alo, which is now delving into personal development too. You can find not only ten minute spine and hamstring stretches with a myriad of instructors, but you can now also get access to The Breath of Life sessions with Sri Dharma Mittra, and The Desire Map sessions with Daniel LaPorte. We are now on week two of our trial with Alo Moves and will continue our subscription as it's just so good.



Photo Credit: Rockstar Fit

Rockstar Fit was founded by Natalie Dau, an athlete and fitness influencer that has represented Asia at multiple Spartan Race World Championships. Based in Singapore, Natalie's workouts are tough, but she also has complimentary workouts on her app for those just starting out (one is called HOME LOCK DOWN), which range from forty second exercises like air squats and lunges which can be tailored to your level (beginner to advanced). We have thankfully chosen the Beginner option as we continue our Home Lock Down push ups.



Photo Credit: Sworkit

We stumbled on Sworkit during the circuit breaker period, as our kids were using the app during their Stay-at-home PE sessions. The app calls itself personalised training for everyone, and when you download it, it asks you several questions including height, weight, and your fitness goals. The workouts can be customised - for example a stretching class we chose is automatically set for 15 minutes but you can increase or decrease the length of the class. Within the yoga section, you can choose from one round or additional rounds of sun salutations. The cons were it felt like a middle school PE class, with a gym teacher walking you through each posture (in a very British accent) - useful if you are new. What we love though is their youth initiative - they have made the platform complimentary for any K-12 teacher globally - and their classroom. Another reason to combine both your fitness time with quality kid time. At the moment, there is a free one week trial, then annual plans from $89 USD per year.


photo credit: Ritual


Ritual, a 30 minute workout, is a favourite amongst busy professionals, and has studios in six countries, including Singapore. We have worked out at their Raffles Place studio pre-covid and it was perfect for slipping in a lunchtime sweat sesh. If you are time crunched, Ritual is your place, all you have to do is turn up - they'll provide the gym kit and you don't need shoes. You start off with one of the excellent instructors who will give you an introductory session where you can map out your goals and learn the basic exercises. Now, Ritual has an app called Ritual Anywhere, which has complimentary daily workouts for anyone who has ever done a class at a Ritual studio. We tried it and loved the personalisation - it asks how you are feeling today from 1-10, what kind of equipment you have at home (ranging from kettlebells to pull up rings), and offers suggestions on DIY equipment if your workout closet is truly bare (such as towels, weighted backpacks, or large bottles of liquid in a pinch). You can even opt out of one particular exercise and request a change (for those that hate burpees, like me). We love that during this lockdown/circuit breaker, gyms like Ritual are offering daily, complimentary classes to its members, past and present.



Photo Credit: Down Dog

Primarily known for their customisable yoga workouts, Down Dog also has Barre and HIIT. Lured in with the April freebie, we tentatively started with the 7 minute HIIT app as a little 'booster' to get the blood pumping a few times a day during WFH. Entirely customisable, you can choose whether to focus on upper body, core, legs and what level of difficulty as well as the music. Next we moved on to yoga which also offers 'bespoke' classes depending on the length, style and focus of the class - you can even choose what type of music and the length of Savasana you'd like. (Errmm 30 mins?!) The Barre app is brilliant for those that don't have a full set up of weights, sliders and balls at home as all you need is a chair, and it definitely gets the muscles shaking. Best of all, the apps are free until June 1st.


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